Submit a Sample for Analysis

Submitting a sample for analysis is quick and easy.

Follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Fill in a submission form for your Organic (CHN analysis and much more),

Isotope Ratio or Inorganic sample

2. Check Your identification reference matches on sample and submission form

3. Ensure Your sample is clearly labelled (check required sample size guidelines below) and in a secure, safe and suitably packaged container

4. Send Your sample and completed submission form directly to Elemental Microanalysis Ltd, 1 Hameldown Road, Okehampton, Devon. EX20 1UB UK

Example Analysis Results

We will then send you your results however you prefer;
email, post or telephone.

Sample Size Guidelines

Analysis Type Test Anticipated % / Ideal Sample Size Limit of Detection (%)
<1% 1% to 5% >5%
Organic CHN Analysis >20mg >10mg >2mg 0.01
Organic Oxygen >40mg >20mg >2mg 0.05
Organic Total Organic Carbon >100mg >20mg >5mg 0.01
Organic Sulphur >20mg >10mg >2mg 0.02
Organic Nitrogen / Protein >300mg >200mg >100mg 0.03
Stable Isotope Ratio C13 / C12 or N14 / N15 >25mg >25mg >25mg N/A
Inorganic Fe Base, Cu Base, Trace Elements, Minerals >1g* >1g* >1g* See Scope of Accreditation
Inorganic Raw Material >50g* >50g* >50g* See Scope of Accreditation

*Dependent on required procedure. Sample preparation can be performed by the Laboratory*

Additional Information

  • Sample identification should be unique, preferably a combination of numbers and letters
  • Adequate sample should be provided (see sample size guidelines table). Larger samples are preferred, surplus sample can be returned.
  • Air sensitive samples should be submitted in sealed glass ampoules or tubes (one provided for each analysis).Tubes should be of sufficient length to allow scoring and breaking at the middle point. The preferred size is 5mm bore and 100mm in length.
  • A sample Submission Form should be completed for each sample submitted. These are self-explanatory. Information on the expected composition and the sample's elemental content is important to avoid errors introduced by known interferences.
  • We are able to dry or grind Organic samples as required
  • We are unable to offer sample preparation for Isotope Ratio Analysis.
  • Please contact us to discuss your sample preparation requirements for your Inorganic Samples.
  • Unless otherwise specified samples are analysed 'as received' without grinding or drying.
  • Please read our Terms and Conditions before submitting samples for analysis. Elemental Microanalysis Limited does not provide Expert Testimony in legal proceedings
  • We accept payment by Bank Transfer (BACS), credit card or cheque.

Sample Submission Forms:

Inorganic AnalysisStable Isotope AnalysisOrganic Analysis elementallab

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