Our laboratory can offer results within 3 working days.

The system is calibrated using NIST traceable reference standards. Our commercial elemental analysers run under computer control.

Sample weight requirement for CHN analysis is typically 2mg or more.

The minimum sample weights vary according to the sample type and the anticipated percentages of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen.

Where samples are heterogeneous (i.e. plant material), larger samples sizes (up to 100 mg) may be required to provide a representative sample.

For other analysis requirements please Contact Us.

Samples are always analysed in duplicate using our ISO 9001 certified consumables to ensure no contamination to your specimen. (Triplicate or single analysis available, if preferred.)

We can analyse gas, liquid or solid samples. (Air sensitive samples will be processed for £10 more. Please see our Air Sensitive page for specifications.)

Our experienced analysts can also provide a sample preparation service.

Our techniques are quantitative in the range of 500ppm to 100% and we typically use sample weights of 2mg to 250mg.

Over the past 30 years our accumulated analytical expertise has been routinely applied to a diverse range of sample types and applications.

Analytical results on routine organic compounds have an uncertainty better than 0.25% for carbon, 0.05% for hydrogen and 0.10% for nitrogen.

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